The differences between Nature Tea and Super Chlorophyll

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What is Nature Tea?

Nature Tea is a colon cleanser that removes waste in the colon. It is a tea that promotes bowel movement. It is good for people who experience constipation. It helps to get rid of unwanted parasites that reside in your colon. And once your colon is cleared, your body will be able to absorb nutrients better. Read this pdf: Nature’s Tea


What is Super Chlorophyll?

Super Chlorophyll, in general, is a good health supplement for those who don’t like to eat vegetables. It cleanses and purify your blood. It also promotes red blood cells count, so it is good for people who have anemia.  It doesn’t have laxative effect. Super Chlorophyll can be taken daily. Check out this pdf: Super Cholorophyll Powder


Best chlorophyll supplement for bad breath and body odor

Nature’s Way Chlorofresh (Softgels)


  • reduces bad breath, body odor and even fecal odor
  • known as internal deodorant
  • your stools will be green  (normal for chlorophyll products)
  • Works for most people


Customers noticed positive change after one week of taking it.

Also available in liquid form Nature’s Way – Chlorofresh Mint, 50 mg, 16 fl oz liquid



Super Chlorophyll Powder Ingredient, Side Effects and Dosage

Super Chlorophyll Powder ingredient: Sodium Copper Chlorophyllin and Maltodextrin

Sodium copper chlorophyllin

super chlorophyll ingredient

  • Made from chlorophyll
  • Used for medicine purpose
  • Able to control odor
  • Accelerate wound healing

Older people take chlorophyllin for controlling body, fecal, and urine odor, and for treating constipation and gas.

Sodium copper chlorophyllin side effects

  • For safety, pregnant women, breast-feeding and lactating women should avoid using it
  • Safe for most people
  • No known toxic effect known so far



  • Made from starch such as corn and potatoes
  • A polysaccharide (a form of carbohydrate) that is used as a food additive
  • Contain fewer calories than sugar
  • Moderately sweet or almost flavorless
  • Easily digestible
  • Commonly used for producing sodas, candy and potato chips

Maltodextrin side effectssuperchlorophyll-recommended dosage

  • Develop cravings for junk food – as it often paired with junk food
  • Considered safe by the FDA (non-toxic)


Recommended Dosage for Super Chlorophyll Powder

  • Add 1 teaspoon of chlorophyll powder to 1 cup (8oz.) of water and stir well.
  • Use once per day



Chlorophyllin Overview Information

Chlorophyll and Chlorophyllin

Chlorphyllin — A Healer ? A Hypothesis for its Activity

What is Maltodextrin

Wiki Maltodextrin

Maltodextrin Side Effects

Three Weeks Experiment – Second and Third Week

It’s advisable to detox once every 6 months as part of a healthy lifestyle.

The remaining weeks went smoother because I don’t need to use the bathroom as often as in the first week.

If you wish to try this at home, then remember to drink the nature tea after work, otherwise it may affect your work performance (you don’t want diarrhea at work right?)

For the first few days, after your dinner and tea, avoid eating food (e.g very spicy food) that may aggravate your condition. If you insist on eating after that, be prepared to visit the bathroom very often.

For better results, consume more alkaline food such as vegetables, fruits and fruit juice and cut down consumption of processed food and coke.


Second week

How many times did you use the bathroom a day?

Average 1 -2 times


What went wrong?

My SO was not taking the drinks regularly due to work commitment, so try this out only when you are free for at least 4 days. The result could have been better if my SO did follow-through without skipping.


 Did you see any noticeable difference?

  • My friends and my mum have complimented that my complexion has greatly improved and became brighter
  • I lost 0.5 inches
  • My SO’s acne was purging and the face has the radiance as well, but I expected to see more improvements

Did you have any thoughts of quitting?


Third Week

How many times did you use the bathroom a day?

Average 0 – 1 time


What went wrong?

I skipped 3 days (away from home)


Did you see any noticeable difference?

  • I don’t feel as lethargic as I used to be (more energy)
  • Less body aches especially my back and kidney area


Did you have any thoughts of quitting?

No. I think the most difficult period was only the first week.


Three Weeks Experiment – First Week

Keen on starting this?

Take note – This is not suitable for pregnant women. I’m not a doctor, a physician or a certified nutritionist. Please consult your doctor before you try this experiment.

Make sure you are not working for the next 4 days as you might experience laxative effect on first few days.

Don’t attempt this when you going to have any important events (examination, presentation, meeting and anniversary) that require you to be at your best form.


First week

How many times did you use the bathroom a day?

For the first 4 days, I had to use the bathroom at least 2 times a day, maximum 4 times a day. I felt flushed out and feeble after having the third diarrhea. I believe it is the nature’s tea that is causing the laxative effect as I drank chlorophyll the day before and it did not have the laxative effect.

From fifth day onwards, my bowel movement had reduced to 1 – 2 times a day.


What went wrong?

I over-steeped the nature’s tea by 4 minutes, while I should only be steeping the nature’s tea for only 2 minutes (starting). The longer you steep the tea, the stronger the laxative effect.


Did you see any noticeable difference?

  •  Lost 1.5 inches off my waist on the first week

My diet also helped me to lose the inches because I avoided soda drinks, sweet drinks and I drink mainly plain water. It is better to avoid soda drinks because of its acidity, corrosive nature which is harmful to our teeth and body. I’m also avoiding greasy food and also spicy food for now.

  • Green stools

My stools became dark green because of chlorophyll. Sometimes I can feel the liquid moving in my stomach.

  • Pimples popped on my face the next day after eating spicy food

 I had spicy sensation on the ‘exit’ area when the stool is passing out of my body. I’m a ketchup person and it happens whenever I eat strong spicy food. Then I had 2 pimples popped on my face the next day after eating tom yum noodle.

This may not happen to you, if your diet already consists of spicy foods.


Did you have any thoughts of quitting?

I feel like quitting and it is easy to quit. I imagined my colon as a stinky poisonous pipe that hasn’t been cleansed for a few decades. That moment, I’m motivated again because I really wanted to purge the toxins out of my body.


Three Weeks Experiment – Intro

Three Weeks Experiment with Super Chlorophyll and Nature’s Tea

What is your purpose of experimenting ?

  • Help my SO clear acne – being an ex-acne sufferer, I know how it feels
  • Test whether the supplement works – since there’s little evidence
  • For health benefits – if it works then the benefits is for a lifetime

I’m suffering from acne, how can chlorophyll supplement and nature tea help me?

To clear acne, you need internal cleansing and external cleansing. They do the internal cleansing for you. Answer the questions below:

  • Do you exercise at least one hour a week?
  • Do you drink 8 glasses of water every day?
  • Is vegetables part of your diet?
  • Do you sweat often?

If you replied no for 3 out of 4 questions above, then you might be suffering from toxin accumulation in your body. Toxin accumulation is very harmful and can lead to health problems (chronic pain, fatigue, headache, arthritis, inflammation and even cancer) other than acne.

As our diet and lifestyle have changed dramatically since primitive age, our body have lesser outlets to flush out the toxins. Expediting the toxin through our skin – the face, back and chest, is probably the easiest way for our body to flush out the toxins without physical exertion.

Chlorophyll supplement helps you to cleanse the toxins and impurities in your blood.  Then, detox your colon with Nature’s Tea. This will make sure the ‘traffic’ in your colon smoother and prevent toxin congestion. It is like easing the traffic jams in your colon, so that your body can effectively absorb the nutrients and let your body focus on healing acne. Your body does self-healing.

All green vegetables have chlorophyll, that is why the doctors recommend 2 servings of fruits and vegetables a day as it is very benefical for our body. Of course, after internal cleansing, you need to follow up with external cleansing, the skin care routine, to clear and prevent acne.

Chlorophyll Supplement Benefits – Is it scientifically proven ?

There is little evidence that chlorophyll has the claimed benefits to us. Further research is needed to support the claims.

Although there is no sufficient proof about chlorophyll benefits, many people have tried chlorophyll supplement and have seen improvements to their acne condition, colon health and bowel movement.

Benefits stated in supplement:

  • Works as internal breath fresher – basically means reduce bad breath and body odor
  • Aid digestion
  • Promotion blood circulation
  • Cleanse the blood
  • Defend against free radicals
  • Reduce inflammation
  • Detoxify the colon


I did a three weeks experiment with Super Chlorophyll. I drank both Super Chlorophyll and Nature’s Tea once a day for the experiment.

Visible effects were:

  • Radiance skin – changed my dull skin condition
  • Lesser body aches – kidney, back and shoulder area
  • Regular stool movement: at least once a day
  • Green stools
  • Less oily pores
  • Reduces bad breath – drink it in the morning after you brush your teeth
  • Less smelly stool – very big difference
  • Pimple appears and heals faster

Two weeks after my experiment, my skin reverted back to dull color. So I believe chlorophyll supplement has to be taken daily. I recommend it to you especially if you seldom take vegetables and also for optimal health.


Additional Information

Liquid Chlorophyll – Powerful Antioxidant, Strong Detoxifier (Acne.Org)



Super Chlorophyl Powder

  • Defend against damaging free radicals
  • Heals the wound faster such as mouth ulcers
  • Dedorizer to bad breath and body odor (internal dedorizer)
  • Aid Digestion
  • Promote blood circulation
  • Promote regular bowel movement
  • Improve skin condition


Buy Super Chlorophyll Powder Now


Chlorophyll Supplement

Chlorophyll supplement usually comes in pill form, being the most common form. Other types include powdered and liquid form. They
are to be taking orally.

Chlorophyll are found in green vegetables but they are not as much as compared to chlorophyll supplement as they are concentrated. Chlorophyll supplement taste like plain water and doesn’t have foul smell, making it favorable health supplement for people who
don’t like to eat vegetables.

Most people buy chlorophyll supplement because it can:

  • aid digestion
  • reduce body odor (internal dedorant)
  • help in colon cleansing (detox)
  • reduce bad breath

The price of a chlorophyll supplement ranges from $4 to $50, depending on the quality, quantity and the brand.